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My name is Mike McManus, a veteran of the US Navy and I have been blessed with the opportunity to help my fellow Americans find a sensible solution to their Health Coverage. I’m married to Jerri Lynne and together we have 4 children and 8 grandchildren. My joy is helping and serving people. As your personal agent, it is my job to put you in the very best position possible.

A field engineer in Oil and Gas industry for 20 years, my journey into Healthcare was the result of 3 layoffs. I was licensed in May of 2017 and I absolutely love what I get to do everyday positively impacting the lives of people all across the US.

Let me show you insurance solutions that work best for you, your family or business. I have a long working history with individuals and businesses in developing the best comprehensive insurance coverage for everyone in your group. Not only can I help you in Texas but also in  FL, GA, LA, MI, NC, OH, SC, TN and VA.

My clients know I’m readily available to assist them at any time and, because health insurance keeps changing, I routinely evaluate my clients’ needs and available benefits. I would be honored to help customize a plan for you and your family today.

God Bless!

Mike McManus


Licensed Health & Life Agent

Tx Lic# 2198377




A well-rounded benefits package should reduce your out-of-pocket costs while providing great coverage. I can help you navigate the choices in today’s changing health environment.


Dental insurance allows families and individuals to receive preventative, routine dental care or make complex dental treatments more affordable. Your smile is worth it!


Taking care of your eyes throughout the seasons of your life is important, and we can help you find the best vision care insurance for your stage of life.


Picking the correct Supplemental Coverage plan is critical to ensure your family does not suffer financial impact. We will discuss options that can reduce or even eliminate out- of-pocket costs.